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Sunday, 23 Oct 2016

Change ID TeamViewer

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Automatic change of ID program TeamViewer.

Changers ID TeamViewer-and uses 2 files:

  1. ReID_TV.bat

@ Echo Off

echo Stoping TeamViewer

:: Stop TeamViewer

net stop "teamviewer 5

:: Kill TeamViewer

echo Killing TeamViewer

taskkill / f / im teamviewer *

nircmdc closeprocess TeamViewer.exe

:: Delete ID from Registry

echo Deleting ID from Registry

nircmdc regdelval "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software TeamViewer Version5" "ClientID"

echo Change Program Files map date

:: Change Date of Program Files map

nircmdc setfilefoldertime "% programfiles%" now now

:: Start TeamViewer

echo Starting TeamViewer

net start "teamviewer 5

:: Show TeamViewer

nircmdc exec show "% ProgramFiles% TeamViewer Version5 TeamViewer.exe"

  1. nircmdc.exe - from developers NirSoft.

For convenience, was created SFX-archive, self extracting. Its just need to run and ID replaced.